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Industry Leader in Outdoor Speaker Systems &

Full Line Up of Indoor Speaker Systems

Industry Standard Commercial & Industrial Grade Audio Products:

Mixer/Amplifiers, Digital Mixing Systems, IP Intercom Systems,

Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification Systems,

UL 2572 Approved

4 & 8 Channel, Class D

Touring & Installation Amplifiers

6,000 To 20,000 Watts, RMS

Multi-Channel DSP Amplifiers

Advanced System Controllers

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Since 1947 the premier supplier of

Ceiling Speakers & Systems, Grills & Back Boxes,

Racking Products, Power Management Products & Accessories

The Audio & A/V's Industry's Tool Box

Amplifiers, Mixers, Dist. Amplifiers, "Dante" Enabled End Points, Audio & Video Accessories

Audio & Audio/Video Products

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Manufacturer & Distributor

Electronic Wire, Cable & Accessories:

Fire Alarm Cable, Coax Cable, LAN Cable,

Direct Burial Cable

Manufactures Representatives 

Audio & Audio Video Products

The Industry Leader In:

Floor Boxes, Ceiling Boxes, Table Boxes & Wall Boxes

Complete A/V Solutions for "End to End" System Design

Classroom Soundfield Systems for 
Instructor & Program Reinforcement,

Wireless Microphone Systems & Portable PA Systems

One Systems designs and builds premium quality, professional loudspeakers for multiple indoor and outdoor applications.